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Important guidelines for parents, or how to protect their children from unwanted teen pregnancy.

Become a friend of your children, be familiar with movies that your kids are watching, books they are reading, and music they are listening to. Do your best to get relationships that are warm in tone, hard in order, and friendly in communication. The modern media are full of dangerous material with the wrong messages. Sex relations rarely mean more than sex, just few people having sex not planning be married or even especially committed to anyone. Rare mentioned the unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Is it what you try to explain according to your expectations and values? I think it is not and it is why so important to talk with your children about the media representation and your point of view, based on your knowledge and experience.
In your family, you must to establish rules and standards of estimated behavior. If possible do it during of family members’ conversation and respectful dialogue. Let say your kids get out of school at 3 afternoon, but have to work up to 6 o’clock, who will take care that your children are safe during those hours, and not involved in bad behavior? Where are they going with friends? Who are their friends? Try to cooperate with your kids’ friends’ parents and make a schedule when some adults always be in charge. You have to control and watch your kids' not because you are a mole; it is because you are parents.
Talk straight about sexual values and attitudes. Answer at your children questions about sex, love, and possible pregnancy. Frequently it could be more successful then you will always repeat that teen’s sex is bad. To prepare yourselves for this, imagine the all variety of possible questions. Children always are interesting in many questions about sex, and it does not mean anything abnormal. Your kids like any other their friends often prefer their parents as the source they'd most like to trust. From the beginning of conversation you have to make sure that it is sincere, friendly, and respectful.
If you need to begin, you can use situations shown on television or in movies like a reason to start this conversation. Your conversation has to be build candidly and confidently, but you must to say why you take this theme. If you're afraid off or not sure about some issues for the first discussion, tell them that, too. It has to be a two-way conversation, not your own lecture. The good idea to ask them what they think, what is worries them, and what they know so you can correct your plan. It is important for both sons and daughters and to both mothers and fathers. Opinion that if you have a son, you have not reason to worry about it is wrong.
Tell to them regarding love and sex relationships, and how to distinguish it. Kids want your assistance to accept the importance of sex life. Don’t forget to explain the motives why all sides of sexuality are so interesting for kids; and show the possible troubles of early sex life, like: unplanned pregnancy and disease misses many of the issues on teenagers' minds.
You have to know better your children's friends and their families and don’t afraid to say if you against some of them. Explain why it is, for example you must to exclude dating with significantly older or much younger partner. And again at my point of view it does not matter we are talking about boys or girls. Any parents will to keep equal, regular, and stable dating. At the same time, allowing teens to begin steady, one-on-one dating much before age 16 can guide to problems. Let your child know that it is not, because you just hate the particular individual. It is your position and you have to be firm about it.

Teens need comprehensive sex education

By: BRIGID BRETT - For the North County Times

"Rings have always been a beautiful symbol of life's promises, commitments and celebrations. Everyone holds in their heart a cherished dream of offering themselves on that special day, pure in body and spirit." So goes the online advertisement for sterling silver chastity rings.

I love the idea of promises, commitments and celebrations, but being a basically decent but flawed human being who lives among other basically decent but flawed human beings, I know that even with the best of intentions, promises are often broken and commitments not always honored.




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