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Early Pregnancy Testing Kits
Easiest and less expensive early hCG pregnancy test - dip strip pregnancy test
This type of early pregnancy test is a base for all other formates. The testing element of cassette or midstreams is the same dip strip. Sensitivity of this early pregnancy dipstrip test is a 20 mIU. Mostly reccomended for medical professional use.
Early pregnancy test cassette "BabyCheck-1."
Attrractive package along with affordable price made this product one of our best sellers. Accuracy of this early pregnancy test is 96-98%, level of hCG detection 25 mIU. We are selling this test kit over the 3 years and our customers are happy with the quality of them.
Most convenient and easy to use early hCG pregnancy test - midstream test
You don't need collection cup or any other additional tools or equipment. You don't need any special experience or education to use this test. It is looks like most common early pregnancy test on market, that can verify signs of pregnancy for you.
Early pregnancy test midstream "New Choice"
Yes, it is a new choice for many women willing to resolve their doubts and find out an impotant answer. Convenience, accuracy and sensitivity it is important characteristics of this early pregnancy home test kit.
Good saving and convenience at the same time - hCG pregnancy test cassette
Many people like this easy to use cassette format of hCG pregnancy tests. Included small dropper help you to achieve a reliable test result. We don't keep inventory of these tests, but will gladly supply wholesale orders with sufficient volume of order.
Early pregnancy test cassette "New Choice"
It is combination of high quality with low price. New Choice brand in the cassette format. Protected from possible mistakes small testing device with a dropper are everything you need to do a pregnancy testing in comfort of your home.
  Pregnancy Tests Comparison   Our Best Sellers   From the Experience

1.High Sensitivity (20-25 mIU):
AimStick; Early Pregnancy Tests from Medimpex United Inc.; Be Sure.
2.Middle Level sencitivity (50-100 mIU):
Clear Blue; Clear Plan; EPT; First Response; Answers; Pharmacies Chains Brands (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target Store, e.t.c.)

The high sensitivity is important point, but the only one important. It is because the earlier pregnancy detection could brings more mistakes. For example, some low level of hCG presents even in male urine, and if test has a very low cut-off level of detection, any increase of hormone could switch test result to a positive. Always verify home test result with your doctor.

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