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Family is the first line of fighting against drugs. Often parents try to defend their child from bad habits like smoking, drug use, or alcohol drinking.
It is an important fact that more than 60% of teenagers scared to disappoint their parents or be unable to find the respect of family members if they use drugs, alcohol, or even tobacco.
Here we are present a few advices how you can obtain some control of your teen’s activities. Even if you kids don’t like it, it’s not harassment, its process of parenting.
1. Set up rules in your family. Make tobacco smoking, illegal drugs and alcohol drinking unacceptable for your entire family. Try to demonstrate healthy lifestyle your selves.
2. Congratulate and reward achievements with good activities and actions like sports, school tests, hobby. At another hand don’t forget to enforce punishment for cases of bad behavior.
3. Try to know where your kid’s are and what they will be doing for the period of non-controlled time. According to statistics teens without supervision are three times more likely to use drugs or alcohol or been engage in risky behaviors such as beer or wine drinking, sexual contacts, and tobacco smoking.
4. Talk to your teen. In travel, shopping or even riding in the car, regularly ask him about school, his friends, and his plans for the weekend or more.
5. Try to remain them busy — especially among 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and into the evening time. Enroll your teen in any activities after the school time. Let your child will participate in any supervised learning course or a sports association.
6. Check on your teenager. Sporadically verify that your children’s really are where they say they’re going to be and that they are spend time with person that they say they are with. Some times if you have important reasons to suspect, you can even do a drug test.
7. Create a "core values statement" for your family. Talk about what they stand for is particularly important at a time when teens are pressured daily by external influencers on issues like drugs, sex, violence, or vandalism.
8. Spend time together as a family unit regularly and always try to be implicated in your child’s lives. Make a sincere connection with your child.

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