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Ovulation Prediction Testing Kits
LH Ovulation Dipstrip Urine Test
This is a most common and well known product on a market. Just deep in to the urine and read results according to instructions. Affordable and easy to proceed test could help you choose the best time to conceive.
LH Ovulation Midstream Urine Test
Is a more convenient format of the LH urine ovulation test products. Probably 99% accuracy and protection from the possible mistakes are the reason to choose this test even with a higher, than for dipstrip cost.
"New Choice" Ovulation Test Cassette
Not only good product, but a very attractive package as well. This LH ovulation test has a sencitivity 25 mIU and accuracy 97-99%. Along with a price it makes the "New Choice" one of the most reconisable brand nationwide.
Ovulation Predictor Tester "Lady-Q"
Very popular today products, came to us from the Far East. It is a mini-microscope, that help a woman see a structure of saliva (oral fluid) and determines fertile and non-fertile periods. Looks like a lipsticks design help you to keep it always with you.
7 Days Ovulation Prediction Test Kit
7 ovulation dipstrips, 1 pregnancy dipstrip, detailed instructions and ovulation chart includes in this easy to follow, cost-effective ovulation prediction test kit. It is very helpfull instruments for women who want to become pregnant.
Digital Basal Thermometer
It is traditional tool came to us from the ancient times. Now of course it is much more sophisticated themperature measurment device. You can build a chart of your ovulation cycle and perfectly predict right time to conceive.

NEW! QTEST™ Saliva Ovulation Predictor Microscope
Elegant small device with a 1 year full warranty. One full year we will repair or replace it at no cost to you (cost of shipping is not included). Very effective instrument for ovulation prediction.

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If using the lunar phase cycle for contraception, it would be inadvisable to have unprotected sex for several days before the exact Sun/Moon angle, and up to twelve hours afterward, as the sperm can live for several days. If using the cycle for conception, implantation would be necessary during the twenty-four hours before the exact angle, in order for the sperm to reach the released egg.

There are several ways to time sex to match with your ovulation cycle:
- To have intercourse every other day in days 10 to 18 of your cycle.
- You can detect ovulation by watching for your physical conditions, like changes in your cervical mucus, the fluid normally released from your vagina.
- Home LH ovulation prediction kits that are effective and could give you advance notice of about a 1 day or even more.
- Many women prefer old basal body temperature method, which identifies ovulation after the fact and you can draw your cycle chart.
- In last couple years became very common saliva ovulation predictors.