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Current Hepatitis C Information Sad Numbers

  • Fresh facts about Hepatitis C are becoming presented almost daily.
  • In February 2005 the virus of Hepatitis C was included in to the listing of cancer causes.
  • Many different HCV treatments at this time are under research and development.
  • A broad variety of news is being available every day. Look at this website

321 cases of HIV were registered in Uganda between 1998 and 2002 according to their HIV clinic records. 82% of them or 263 persons repeated their initial visits at least once; of these, fifty four of them, for the reason that they can not pay for treatment, had to interrupt it. In year 2002, 135 patients were still in care. Sixty nine people from this list died (9 of them have died in 2002), and 68 were lost to further communications. It is means that chance of Uganda's patients to survive and remaining in care at one year was only 0.56 at 4 years.

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