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Information for Parents

According to media, the quantity of parents who report not at all have a discussion with their teenagers about drug, tobacco, or alcohol addiction has growing twice from the 1998. It is 12 percent of the families in US for 2004. Less than one third of teens declare that they have educated and understood about the danger of drug usage in the family. 42% of high schools students report having experimented with marijuana at least once.

Study of youngsters’ behavior shows that illegal drug use and underage sexual actions, usually take place with the same kids. Almost always teenagers’ sex contacts and teenagers’ drug use are linked. Under influence of illegal drugs young people might be more ready to sexual activities, it will less expected to use contraception, easier contact with more than one sexual partners at the time, and very often begin sex life at much younger ages than non-drug users.

20% of teenage girls regularly using birth control pills, but at least twice a month forget to take them.
According to statistics of underage pregnancies, 14% of them got miscarriages, 31% made abortions, and 55% delivered a baby.
3 of 4 teenage moms got a baby as a single mom.

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