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Illegal Drugs and Terrorism

There is an indisputable connection between terrorists and illegal drugs. Police, FBI, and other government officials confirmed this close connection, but changes in the modern world made this linkage extra important in the day by day lives of all American people. Terrorist's organizations and drug distribution groups are cooperate in a jointly-beneficial relationship by money, strategy, geopolitics and transportation schemes.

Financial infrastructure of terror networks mainly based on to drugs sells. More than 42% of the known terrorist's organizations known by the United States Department of State in October 2001 were also involved in drugs traffic. Drug revenue is the most important source of income for numerous of the more dominant international terrorist organizations.

The (FARC) Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia obtain over $300,000,000 from illegal drugs yearly. The (AUC) United Self Defense Forces of Colombia relies on the illicit drug trade for main part of its income. Shining Path from Peru is more reliant on drug money than ever before. Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network, used revenues from opium and heroin to stay in power together with Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Afghanistan controlled more than 3/4 of the world's opium trade, and it was income to the Taliban.

9/11 has brought the terrible realism of terror into the lives of all American people. Lots of people are asking, "How did this happen?" and "What can I do?" The association between terror and drugs is an important part of the problem, as is the identification that individual choice about using drugs has really high and dramatic cost.


"It's so important for Americans to know that the traffic in drugs finances the work of terror, sustaining terrorists, that terrorists use drug profits to fund their cells to commit acts of murder. If you quit drugs, you join the fight against terror in America."

President George W. Bush




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