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Drug Screen Testing Kits
Single Drug Dip Strip Test
It is a most common and cost effective drug testing kit. Available for detection different drugs and their metabolites in human urine: Marijuana(THC); Cocaine (COC); Opiates (OPI). More options available by request with sufficient order volume.
Single Drug Cassette Test
Dropper, included in the package, protect the test results from possible mistakes related to dipstrips. In dip strips format you can overdip or not dip enough and get a wrong result. We have a variety of drugs detectable in this test.More options available by request.
Two-Panel Urine Drug Test
This panel could detect and recognize 2 drugs in 1 testing procedure. Just dip the panel in to the specimen and read result in 4-5 minutes. We keep in stock two options: THC-Marijuana/COC-Cocaine and THC-Marijuana/MET-Methamphetamine. If you need other options let us know.
Three-Panel Urine Drug Test
This product description similar to 2-Panel, just 3 drugs in one test procedure. Existing combinations: THC/COC/MET and THC/COC/OPI. These is good tests for the saving. Usually buyng by sober houses, schools administrations and parents. Custom combination also available.
Five-Panel Urine Drug Test
One of the combination of 5 Panel Urine Drug Tests named NIDA-5 and includes THC; COC; OPI; AMP; PCP. This test based on to the National Institute Drugs of Abuse recomendations and perfect for the pre-employment or random drug testing.
Six-Panel Urine Drug Test
This test kit usually buying by medical professional, because it is big enough to cover all most common illegal drugs and cost much less than 10-Panel Urine Multi Drug Test Kit. Detectable combinations of drugs is: COC/AMP/MET/ THC/OPI/BZD.
Nine-Panel Urine Drug Test
9-Panel Multi Drug test Kit compare to 10 Panel does not detect TCA only, but it is cost aproximately 10% less. If you have not any reasons to suspect TCA addiction with a testing person, save some money. One more time list of drugs detectable - COC/AMP
Ten-Panel Urine Drug Test
It is almost complete list of illegal drugs available today. This drug test kit could detect and recognize all of tham in 1 testing procedure. COC/AMP/MET/THC/MTD/
OPI/PCP/BAR/BZD/TCA in one test. Exclude any doubts, use 10-Panel test.

Five Parameters Saliva Drug Test
One of the most sophisticated drug test kits on the market. Perfect combination - NIDA-5 and test could be performed in any place without any special gender requirments. It is exclude any contacts with the urine at all. Saliva drug screening test is the product of 21-st century.

Six Parameters Saliva Drug Test
This is a product which could be applicable in almost any drug test screen procedure cituations: In schools; workplace; at home; even on the road. It is very precise tool, but don't forget read instruction before the drug test procedure. Previous experience not imporatnt, it is a new technology.
QTEST 5 Multi Drug Test Cup
This milti drug testing cup has a traditional look and very accurate drug testing strips installed in the cup. If you get a preliminary positive result of your drug screening procedure, screw the cap harder and send it in to the lab for confirmation.
Integrated Multi Drug Test Cup + Adulteration Testing
This is a product that 100% demonstrate what it the one step drug testing kit. But in this one step drug screening procedure included everything: testing the specimen for adulterants; and drug test at the same time.

Urine Adulteration Test
Before you did spend some money on a drug test assay, test the urine specimen for adulterants. At this time many stores on-line and off-line selling different types of products to beat a drug test. Be prepared to find out about attempts to do it with you and save money at the same time.

EZ Split Urine 5 Multi Drug Test Cup
This is a serious step for the all-inclusive procedure od drug screening. The sensitivity level of each drug meets the SAMHSA cut-off levels. You can use this test with confidence. This kit offers the best value in both quality and on the market today.

EZ Split Urine 6 Multi Drug Test Cup
Multi-Drug One Step Multi-Line 6 Drug Screen Test Panel with Integrated Cup (Urine) is a convenient tool to detect and recognize following illegal drugs of abuse: mAMP/COC/THC/AMP/OPI/BZO

EZ Split Urine 10 Multi Drug Test Cup
Multi-Drug One Step Multi-Line 10 Drug Screen Test Panel with Integrated Cup (Urine) is a convenient tool to detect and recognize following illegal drugs of abuse: mAMP/COC/THC/AMP/OPI/BZO/BAR
Important precausions   What to read about   Who does regulate it   New Drug Test Products
  • Read instruction before use
  • Keep tests with the room temperature
  • Check expiration before usage
  • Choose type of the drug testing procedure best for you cituation
  • Don't affraid to call us ask professional advice
  • Always use adulteration specimen verification test before drug testing procedure
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