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Alcohol Test Products

Alcohol Saliva Test
Alcoholism could bring almost as many troubles as other illegal abuse substances. It is a very accurate and easy to do saliva alcohol test. This test could show different levels of alcohol presence in blood, from 0.02% to 0.30% BAC. You can see it with a different intensity of color on the test.
DOT Approved Alcohol Saliva Test
This saliva alcohol test kit is intended for positive identification the presence of alcohol in saliva for blood alcohol concetrations over 0.02%. It is means that if test result positive, the person took some alcohol, but it is not related to the legal level according to law in different states.
BreathScan Alcohol Breath Test
It is most known on the market alcohol test product. Just squeeze middle of the outer plastic tube, take a deep breath and blow through tube for 12 seconds. Changin colors show the BAC over the cut-off level. We are selling BreathScan's with 0.02%, 0.08%, and 0.10% of blood alcohol concetrations.
QTEST Digital Alcohol Detector
This is a FDA approved digital alcohol breathalyzer. It is not a very high class breath analyzer, but you have to understand, that professional device from this category cost at least 10-12 times more. You have what you pay. But for the money that you paid, you get a pretty good gadget.

Police officers use an alcohol testing device referred to as the Breathalyzer
. The Breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample. Officers that are assigned to a DUI unit are trained in both alcohol and drug impairment. Some of the officers are also certified as Drug Recognition Experts. Per MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) in 2006, an estimated 15,827 people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes—an average of one every 33 minutes. These deaths constitute 37 percent of the 42,532 total traffic fatalities. Of these, 13,470 involved a driver with an illegal BAC (.08 or greater). Based on statistics like these the illegal alcohol concentration limit is .08 or greater.
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