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Specimen Validity Test
Urine specimen adulteration in drug screening is growing, approximately 4% of the urine samples in drug testing are adulterated. The validity of the specimen can be assessed before drug testing with a special adulteration strip test.
Latex Examination Gloves
I don't know what else to say, it is latex, powder free examination gloves, 25 pair in a box.
Urine Specimen Collection Cup
It is a regular urine specimen collection cup with the screwed cap.
Urine Specimen Collection Cup with Temperature Strip
It is the same cup with the screwed cap, plus temperature strip which could help you detect the situation when urine was diluted with water.
Laboratory GC/MS Urine Drug Test
According to existing regulation all non-negative rapid drug test results must be confirmed by accredited laboratory witha GC/MS method of drugs screening. Our test inludes 6 differnt drugs testing and specimen validation as well.
Hair Follicle GC/MS Lab Drug Test
Human hair keep the records of our health conditions including usage of illegal substances. Each 1/2 " of hair collected could go back in drugs abuse history up to 30 days. Our laboratory work with up to 1 1/2" of hair, that could show up to 90 days of history.
Oral Fluid (Saliva) Lab Drug Test
As we mentioned before any preliminary positive drug test result must be confirmed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry method. This service is available for users of Saliva 6 Multi Drug Test Kits. It is already included small collection vial, that must be sent to the lab with a saliva leftover.
Drug Testing Chain of Custody Form
It is a Chain of Custody Record Forms in duplicate carbon copy with individual number and adhesive labels to trace the test result.

Drug Testing Applicant Notice And Acknoledgement Form
The name of this document explains what is it. You have to sign your employee on this form before drugs screening to confirm that he does agree to do it and that he knows how it should be done.

Employers All-Inclusive Drug testing Pack
- 50 Integrated EZ Split Key Drug Testing Cups with adulteration tests
- 1 GC/MS drug test laboratory confirmation
- 50 Forms of applicant notice and acknowledgement
- 50 pair of powder free examination gloves

Our advice Product Possible Ways to Beat Drug Test Product
  • If you planning to do urine drug test, don't forget specimen collection cups.
  • To protect you from the adulteration of the specimen you can use specimen collection cup with a temerature strip.
  • To exclude any attempts to beat your drug screen testing, buy our specimen validity test (urine adulteration test).
  • Don't forget that in some states urine specimen adulteration is crime and could pursued by law. Please check your state law.

Urine Specimen Collection Cup with a Temperature Strip

  • A urine sample with increased creatinine and lower specific gravity values are signs of Urine Specimen Dilution.
  • If creatinine and specific gravity levels are so diminished or incongruent that they are not consistent with normal human urine means possible substitution of urine sample.
  • In a case when urine specimen containing a substance that is not a normal urine at a concentration that is not a normal concentration show probable adulteration of urine specimen.

Specimen Validity Test

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