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ABOUT US is a distributor of drug testing, alcohol testing and pregnancy testing products. These drug tests are used by large corporations, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities and at home. Our drug testing products are great for pre-employment tests or quick onsite analysis. We strive to provide an affordable drug screening solutions for everyone. These tests are easy to use, fast, accurate and cost effective. We carry the highest quality, FDA approved tests and products made by finest and reputable manufacturers.

Our products have been used in many different organizations where we have obtained excellent results. Hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers and large corporations are always satisfied with the ease-of-use, quality, and competitive prices of our diagnostic products. Our drug tests act as a supreme deterrent to the use of drugs in people from every walk of life.

We have an extensive knowledge of all the policies and technologies concerning our products. We use this expertise to benefit our customers and help to advise them about what products are best for their needs.

The appeal of lies not only in the strength of our products, but also with the ease of accessibility to these products and their results. We offer an extensive web presence, which allow our customers to purchase and enquire about products.

If you have any questions or concerns, send us e-mail, please.

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