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Three-Panel Urine Drug Test

This product description similar to 2-Panel, just 3 drugs in one test procedure. Existing combinations: THC/COC/MET and THC/COC/OPI. These is good tests for the saving. Usually buyng by sober houses, schools administrations and parents. Custom combination also available.

Our test kits can be used by various types of user groups based on their requirements. They are as below-

• Individuals: Home test kits are inexpensive, less time consuming and can be used without requiring help from anyone. You can maintain your privacy while using home test kits unlike when you go to the laboratory.

• Offices: As an employer, it is important for you to choose a drug testing kit that is easy to screen and get accurate results. It is also cost effective to the company. Testing kits save time of employees to get back soon to their work instead of going to laboratory.

• Educational institutions: Testing kits are useful to take drug test for multiple persons at one time. Testing kits are economical and easy to use.

• Rehabilitation centers: Testing kits helps to prepare reports fast and helps in easy decision making.

• Sports: Testing kits help the anti doping agencies to get quick and accurate results.

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