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Two-Panel Urine Drug Test

This panel could detect and recognize 2 drugs in 1 testing procedure. Just dip the panel in to the specimen and read result in 4-5 minutes. We keep in stock two options: THC-Marijuana/COC-Cocaine and THC-Marijuana/MET-Methamphetamine. If you need other options let us know.

There are many benefits of using 2 panel urine drug testing kits instead of
getting tested at traditional laboratories, which are as follows:

• Drug testing kit avoids the trouble of visiting clinics and saves time from waiting for a long time for reports.

• Test kits are designed such that the testing procedures are very simple.

• It is easy to use without requiring help from anyone.

• It provides quick and accurate results.

• It can be purchased through internet or phone call.

• Test kits are delivered at your door steps.

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