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Ten-Panel Urine Drug Test

It is almost complete list of illegal drugs available today. This drug test kit could detect and recognize all of tham in 1 testing procedure. COC/AMP/MET/THC/MTD/
OPI/PCP/BAR/BZD/TCA in one test. Exclude any doubts, use 10-Panel test.

The multi drug 10-panel urine screen kit is the most comprehensive test available to cover the widest range of illegal drugs with just one sample. One simple step is all that is needed to screen the testing person; simply dip the device in the urine sample and the results are ready in about 5 minutes. The 10 panel drug screen detects marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines, Methadone, Barbiturates, Benzoylecgonine, and Tricyclic Antidepressant. These drug screens meet the SAMHSA and NIDA suggested cutoff levels.

These devices are meant to provide only preliminary test results. If a sample tests positive then a more specific method is used in order to obtain a positive confirmation. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is the method that is used to obtain the confirmation and is preformed in a laboratory setting and is highly accurate.

Drug and alcohol testing are increasingly popular means for employers to increase the safety and efficiency of their workforce, reduce workers' compensation claims, and reduce losses. While the benefits of drug testing can be great, the risks posed by implementing a drug-testing program can be significant and daunting. Individuals who are currently using illegal drugs are specifically precluded from "disability" on that basis. It appears that drug use within two months of the test will be considered current. Therefore, it is permissible to conduct a drug test even before a job offer. The safer (and cheaper) course, however, would be to conduct a drug test after a job is offered but before employment begins, because the same test that can reveal the existence of illegal drugs may also reveal the existence of prescription drugs that indicate a disability. Since a test for the current use of illegal drugs is not a medical examination, employers may also drug test their existing employees without violating the ADA.



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